President TRUMP:
We know
that in solving the many, many problems
and our great challenges

faith is more powerful than government
and nothing is more powerful than God.

Faith has forged the identity and the destiny
of this great nation that we all love.

Our nation will be renewed
by hard work,
a lot of intelligence,
and prayer.

We thank God for the faith of our people.
We praise God for the blessings of freedom.
Faith has shaped our families

and it shaped our communities.

You know the sweetest words that the president and I ever hear

are the words “I’m praying for you.”

And we hear it a lot.
But that’s really nothing new.
The American people believe in prayer, always have.
Prayer is the core that runs through every era of America’s history
to turn to God in prayer and meditation.
Because in this White House, believers of every background
have a champion in President Donald Trump.