Foreigners take part in riots in Chile

The participation of Venezuelans and Cubans in the violent riots against the government of Chile was confirmed.

Chilean intelligence have verified that foreigners participated in the attacks on the Metro in the Chilean capital, where 118 stations were burned down.

It appears that the fires were planned in advance, as they occurred simultaneously.

Leftist Venezuelans and Cubans attacked "strategic areas" and even used resources difficult to find in Chile to start the fire.

Chilean Intelligence is investigating whether foreigners working for the secret services of both countries were involved.

Juan Guaidó's Foreign Relations Commissioner Julio Borges warned last week that both leftist regimes were planning actions to destabilize South America.

Brazil shows great concern for Argentina

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo said the forces of evil are celebrating Alberto Fernández's electoral victory in Argentina.

He pointed out that the worst is expected and that commercial relations with Argentina are likely to become more difficult.

He reiterated that democratic countries are very concerned about Argentina, Mercosur and all of South America.

President Jair Bolsonaro, warned that he would not allow Alberto Fernández to try to isolate the economy and block trade between the two countries.

10 killed in protests in Ecuador

Ecuadorian authorities have put the number of deaths due to the recent violent protests at 10.

Freddy Carrión, head of the Ombudsman's Office, called for an investigation into whether the forces of law and order violated the human rights of the demonstrators.

Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner said that the human rights of people who lost everything and were unable to go to work for 12 days should also be safeguarded.

He explained that the police only tried to repel violence with nonlethal weapons.

He pointed out that more than 500 members of the security forces suffered serious injuries. 

He said that many will not even be able to return to work normally, and have already been assigned to administrative tasks.

Bolivia's electoral struggle continues

Bolivian opposition candidate Carlos Mesa warned that he will not give up in his fight with Evo Morales.

Before thousands of his followers in La Paz, Carlos Mesa declared that he had no choice but to go to prison or be president.

After calling for a national strike on Oct. 28, he again called on the Bolivian people to maintain massive protest marches against the election results, which he described as fraudulent.

Morales's victory has also been questioned by countries such as the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, who expressed their concern.

Confrontations in a polarized Bolivia, between supporters of the government and the opposition, have left some 30 injured.