Mrs. Melania Trump has maintained a low profile as U.S. First Lady. However, she has put in much effort to take care of the White House restorative work to preserve the well-used public rooms at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in its pristine condition.

There is refurbished wall fabric in the Red Room, repurposed drapes in the Green Room, and meticulously restored furniture in the Blue Room.

Mrs. Trump will have a few refreshing touches to showcase Friday when guests, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife, Jenny, arrive at the White House for the second state dinner during the Trump presidency.

The First Lady puts her interest in the White House history to use overseeing the restoration projects.

[Stewart McLaurin, White House Historical Association]:

"It is very carefully considered, very carefully maintained. I know this first lady is very keen on maintaining that standard and works very closely with the White House staff and with us. And I'm very proud when I've heard her say to the press several times that she spends her time working with the White House Historical Association because that's true and it's very validating of us. And that this mission that we've undertaken with every first family since Mrs. Kennedy."

Some of the restorative works in the 132-room white mansion are long overdue, like the faded wall in the Red Room.

[Stewart McLaurin, White House Historical Association]:

"The wall coverings of the Red Room are actually fabric and due to the sunlight and the angle of the sunlight into the red room the Western walls of that room were so badly faded that by comparison with the east wall of the same room they were almost pink. …”

McLaurin describes the meticulous research that goes into the restoration of the Blue Room, as well as the choice of the new furniture.