FARC announces return to arms in Colombia

The 'Number 2' of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announces today that the guerrilla organization will take up arms again. 

In a video posted on the Internet, former FARC leader Iván Márquez assures that they will begin a "new stage of struggle," announcing the return of the organization to violence. 

Márquez was head of the FARC negotiating team at the Havana peace talks. He was appointed senator, a position he never assumed since he disappeared.

The Peace and Reconciliation Foundation has warned on Wednesday that Colombia is "incubating a new armed conflict," despite the reduction in indicators of violence.

Since its founding in 1964, the FARC guerrilla group has left 200,000 dead, 45,000 missing and more than six million displaced.

Australia: Huge cache of Mexican meth seized 

Nearly 1,700 pounds of methamphetamine  from Mexico have been intercepted in Australia.

Australian authorities say it is the largest shipment of this drug from the Aztec country ever seized.

A 42-year-old Mexican citizen was arrested during the operation that agents suspect has links to a drug cartel in his country. 

The operation began on August 13 when Australian authorities found over 160 packets of crystal meth also known as “ice” hidden in a shipment of raw frozen cowhide that arrived by sea from Mexico. 

The untreated cow hides had begun to rot releasing fumes which in turn triggered authorities to inspect the shipping container.  

The drug has an estimated street value of $381 million US dollars.