Experts reject Argentina's children advocate

Experts have rejected the appointment of abortionist Marisa Graham as a children's rights advocate in Argentina.

The deans of several Argentinean universities have published a statement warning of this new position.

They explain that her militancy in favor of the legalization of abortion even violates the Constitution, which recognizes that life begins with conception.

They state that the arguments saying her abortionist ideals will not influence the exercise of her office are unsustainable because it is not clear how she will defend the right to life of unborn children.

Key witness of 'Lava Jato' found dead

Henrique Valladares, one of the key witnesses in the 'Lava Jato' case, is found dead at his home in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian police reports that the door to the house has not been forced, nor did they see any signs of fighting.

The forensic office also could not determine the causes of the mysterious death after the autopsy.

Valladares, former vice-president of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, was collaborating with Justice by uncovering an international network of bribes, in exchange for public works concessions.

The deceased agreed to confess his crimes and to point out his accomplices, in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Peru expels 150 illegal immigrants

Peruvian authorities have expelled more than 150 Venezuelan people who entered illegally from Ecuador.

The immigration services, in collaboration with the police, have returned the illegal immigrants to Ecuador after intercepting them in various operations.

The authorities say in a statement that they will not be able to re-enter for a period of 15 years.

Since mid-June and following the example of other countries in the region, Peru strengthened border control by requiring a visa for everyone entering the country.

Meanwhile, the cruelty of the crimes committed by Venezuelan criminals in their host countries continues to garner media attention.

Mining company “Vale” to pay individual compensation

The Brazilian justice system has ordered the mining company "Vale" to pay the first individual compensation, worth some 3 million dollars.

The money is to be given to the family of two brothers and a pregnant woman who died in the Minas Gerais tragedy.

Judge Rodrigo Chaves has issued his ruling after considering that the collapse of the mining dam that caused an environmental disaster and the death of at least 250 people.

On January 25, the dam owned by Vale collapsed, spilling sewage and toxic waste in the municipality of Brumadinho.

The collapse occurred at lunchtime and the wave of mud hit the administrative area of the mine where hundreds of employees were eating.