EU supports communism in Latin America

A Spanish member of the European parliament has criticized the European social democratic leaders for supporting communism in Latin America. 

Journalist and writer Herman Tertsch says the European Commission vice-president, leftist Federica Monguerini, will be trying to avoid the total shipwreck of the aptly named " communist adventure in Latin America."

That will be the reason why Mongherini asks former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero for help in the negotiations, according to Tertsch.

The objective is to prevent the total collapse of Venezuela, and from dragging Cuba down as well.

The journalist states that the triumph of freedom and the fall of communism in Venezuela and Cuba horrifies the European Union that is advancing towards socialism.

Political crisis in Peru after President Vizcarra dissolves Congress

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra dissolved Congress on Monday, calingl for new legislative elections. 

The decision came after legislators appointed a member of the Constitutional Court against the will of the executive.

Vizcarra accuses Congress of hindering the work of the government with the majority vote of the party led by Keiko Fujimori, detained for alleged money laundering. 

After the dissolution, two thirds of the congressmen refused to leave the chamber. The opposition lawmakers suspended Vizcarra and proclaimed vice-president Mercedes Aráoz as interim president. 

Meanwhile, Vizcarra has decreed that new elections will be held on 26 January next year.

Electoral victory in Mendoza boosts President Macri’s re-election prospects

The resounding electoral victory of the Radical Civic Union candidate in the Argentine province of Mendoza improves the electoral prospects of President Mauricio Macri. 

Governor-elect radical Rodolfo Suárez has won over 50 percent of the vote and is within 15 points of the Peronist candidate. 

Unión Cívica Radical is part of the alliance Cambiemos that won the 2015 presidential elections. 

This victory in Mendoza is good news for the incumbent president, who is in the middle of an electoral tour after the poor results of the August primaries.

Soaring tourism in Brazil generates 25,000 new jobs

More than 121,000 new jobs have been created in Brazil, 25,000 of them in the tourism sector. 

Data from the General Registry of Employees and Unemployed has confirmed the best employment figures in six years in the Carioca country. 

A survey conducted by the National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services, and Tourism has revealed that during the first seven months of this year, tourism sector has generated over 32 million dollars. 

This is the largest volume of income in 4 years.

Tourism Minister Marcelo Alvaro says President Jair Bolsonaro’s policies and actions are generating confidence in businessmen and investors. 

Álvaro however states that Brazil is still recovering.