Mexico experiences multiple homicides in 48 hours

Mexico recorded nearly 40 homicides in less than 48 hours after police managed to overcome the shock of a deadly ambush.

On Monday in Michoacán, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel ruthlessly ambushed the police killing 13 officers and wounding 9 more.

However, on Tuesday, Mexican security forces successfully repelled a new attack in Guerrero resulting in the deaths of one soldier and 14 suspected criminals.

While criminal organizations did execute several men in Reynosa on Tuesday night, federal police again effectively defended themselves from further attacks resulting in the death of four suspected criminals in Acámbaro and another suspect in Parácuaro.

The federal government estimated the number of homicides last month at almost 2,400 with more than 75 percent suspected criminals.

Chile threatens Maduro with total blockade

The Chilean government has threatened to organize a total blockade of Venezuela if Nicolás Maduro continues to refuse to call free elections.

Chilean Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera said Chile is willing to work with its allies if the Venezuelan leader continues to ignore the international pressure.

Ribera threatened to take action to cut off Venezuela's communications, close its airspace and implement a naval blockade.

He said the crisis in Venezuela must be resolved soon because the number of Venezuelan immigrants could rise to more than 7 million by 2020 and such a large exodus of Venezuelans would exert enormous pressure on neighboring countries and would have a destabilizing effect on the entire region.

US warns El Salvador about China

The U.S. has warned El Salvador to be wary of mainland Chinese Communist diplomacy and their debt traps.

U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Ronald Johnson asked Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele to be careful in his trade relations with China.

There are numerous allegations that any Chinese Communist economic incentives lead to debt, economic dependence, and total political submission.

Jorge Guajardo, former ambassador of Mexico to China, explained that China is looking for countries without access to international financial markets, to sell them expensive Chinese financing tied to infrastructure with Chinese engineering, Chinese material, and Chinese labor.

Bolsonaro reports falling crime rate in Brazil

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, celebrated a sharp drop in crime in his first six months in office.

President Bolsonaro, known for defending measures against crime, noted the following successful crime statistics.

With 5,400 fewer homicides, murders fell by just over 22 percent. Robberies followed by death fell by 23.8 percent and rape fell by 12 percent. Bank robberies were down by 40.9 percent and vehicle theft fell by 27 percent.

Minister of Justice and Public Security Sergio Moro attributed these reductions in crime and overall improvement in security to the joint intelligence work of federal, regional and municipal authorities.