Controversial request by Evo Morales

A controversial telephone conversation came to light where Evo Morales could be heard urging a food blockade in Bolivia.

The conversation took place with coca grower leader Faustino Yarmi, who has been under investigation for drug trafficking since 2016. 

The audio continues: "Brother, don't let food enter the cities, lets block it. When I was expelled from Congress in 2002, they made a blockade. Now I am expelled from Bolivia and there is going to be a blockade. We are going to win." 

The video was found on a cellphone seized during a police operation in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba.

Government Minister Arturo Murillo produced the video and accused the former president for terrorism: "Evo cannot continue to confront the Bolivians or order that food not enter. It is a crime against humanity."

Upcoming elections in Bolivia

Evo Morales's senators have confirmed that the former president "has abandoned his duties" and recognized Jeanine Áñez as interim president.

The Movement Towards Socialism party also presented its project in which it proposes elections on Jan. 12, 2020.

Meanwhile, Añez sent the Legislative Assembly a bill to appoint new electoral members within 15 days.

According to Sen. Óscar Ortiz, president of the commission, the two proposals will be analyzed in order to launch a consensual project.

Scandal in Argentina over abortion protocol

In Argentina, the Secretary of Health Adolfo Rubinstein, published without any authorization in the Official Gazette, a new protocol of non punishable abortion.


According to official sources, Rubinstein never informed either his Health Minister or President Mauricio Macri of the decision.

Through Twitter, Senator Federico Pinedo was definitive in stating that,: "I find it regrettable and clearly unconstitutional that the resolution of the Secretary of Health, irresponsibly broadens the grounds for nonpunishable abortion and limits the objection of medical conscience.

President Macri ordered the protocol to be repealed that same day, and several sectors called for Rubinstein's resignation. 

Arrest warrant for Raúl Gorrín

The United States announces an arrest warrant for Venezuelan businessman Raúl Gorrín for money laundering and bribery.

The owner of the largest stock of Venezuelan television station Globovisión was accused in 2018 of laundering $1.2 billion from Maduro's regime. 

Gorrín also has nine open money-laundering charges and is accused of paying bribes to two high-ranking Venezuelan officials.

Today the businessman is one of the most wanted criminals in the United States and is presumed to be in Caracas.