Venezuelan ex-oil executive found dead in Spain

Spanish authorities claim that the former head of Petróleos de Venezuela, Juan Márquez, took his own life.

They say he hanged himself after traveling to Madrid to testify about the corruption of the Venezuelan state oil company, aware that he would be arrested as soon as he set foot on Spanish soil.

His death comes two days after he appeared before an anti-corruption tribunal and showed his desire to cooperate with justice.

Marquez made it clear that he wanted to confess everything he knew about the frauds committed by the oil company in charge of the chavista regime.

After his death, the Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office announced that it will continue to investigate the related cases.

One of these is the case of Alejo Morodo—the son of former Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Raúl Morodo—who allegedly received millions of dollars for work he never did.

Columbia rescues 125 children kidnapped or recruited by guerrillas

Colombian authorities have rescued 125 children kidnapped or recruited by Marxist terror groups so far in 2019.

The children have already been included in a program of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute that guarantees them access to health, education, and food.

The institution’s director, Juliana Pungiluppi says currently they are taking care of 230 children who have escaped or rescued from  left wing terror groups.

According to several testimonies of women forcibly recruited when they were girls by guerrillas, such as the FARC or the ELN, the children are victims of mistreatment, rape, mass abortions, and are even shot if they try to escape.

Ecuador rejects law on expanded abortion

Ecuador has dismissed a reform to expand the decriminalization of abortion.

The Ecuadorian National Assembly has rejected the reform of the penal code that would allow adding new grounds for abortion.

A majority of 65 legislators vote in favor of continuing to punish with prison anyone who ends the life of the unborn child, except on two grounds:

- When the mother's life or health is at risk,

- and when the pregnancy is the result of rape of a mentally disabled woman.

The rejected reform bill proposes the amendment of 45 articles and the creation of 17 new ones.

Brazil reinvests ‘corrupt’ money

Brazil will allocate to the education sector and the Amazon some $650 million US dollars seized from criminal activities.

Law authorities declare the money has been recovered in the trials against state-run Petrobras.

These trials have led to the imprisonment of dozens of Brazilian businessmen and politicians, and revealed a web of international dimensions.

Lawsuits for corruption accumulate until Petrobras is forced to pay nearly $200 million to shareholders in the United States.

Furthermore, Petrobras also agreed to give hundreds of millions to Brazil in order to repair the damage caused to the country.