Chile rejects request for impeachment trial against Piñera

The Chilean Congress opposed the request for impeachment of President Sebastián Piñera for human rights violations.

With 79 votes in favor and 73 against, the Chamber of Deputies determined that the lawsuit does not comply with the requirements of the Constitution.

The accusation sought to establish Piñera's political responsibility for alleged human rights violations committed by state agents during the recent protests.

The case was presented on Nov. 19 by ten opposition deputies.

It was the second initiative of its kind in Chile's history against a president in office, after the one filed in 1956 against Carlos Ibáñez del Campo.

Chile investigates audio of c-130 crew member

The authorities are investigating an audio sent by a passenger on the Hercules plane that has sparked suspicion of a power failure.

A new element could be key in the investigation into the Chile C-130 plane crash.

An audio sent through the WhatsApp message service by a passenger to his mother refers to an electrical problem. 

Yesterday the discovery of fragments belonging to a C-130 was confirmed by Chilean authorities. They were found in Brake Passage.

As it is a military aircraft it does not have a black box, so it will be difficult to determine the cause of the incident.

US sanctions Daniel Ortega's son

On Thursday, Dec. 12, the United States sanctioned Rafael Ortega Murillo, son of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

The sanction is for money laundering and corruption.

Steven Mnuchin, secretary of the Treasury, said, "Rafael Ortega is the key money manager behind the Ortega family's illicit financial schemes."

Rafael Ortega Murillo, adopted son of the president of Nicaragua, has been in charge of the operations of Alba de Nicaragua, a company already sanctioned by the United States, through which the funds generated by the oil agreement with Venezuela were channeled.

He is also in charge of four radio stations and was involved in the negotiations for the purchase of Canal 8.