Bolivians Openly Protest Election Fraud

Beginning on Sunday, thousands of Bolivians took to the streets to denounce President Evo Morales and his suspected manipulation of recent presidential election results. 

After five days of an irregular vote recount and an inexplicable change in the trend that had favored Morales’ opponent, the electoral tribunal announced that Morales and his socialist MAS party won in the first round.

Nationwide demonstrations are sympathetic to opposition candidate Carlos Mesa, who said the count suffered a "shameful and rude alteration." 

Like the Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union and many other western nations now demand that Morales face a second round election.

Meanwhile, the OAS has already confirmed and condemned both the communist Cuban and the failed socialist Venezuelan dictatorships for driving the recent wave of South American destabilization.

Bolsonaro Warns About Leftism and the Mercosur

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says “What we want is that Argentina continues the trade policies of Macri in case the opposition wins.”

President Bolsonaro points out that if current Argentine President Mauricio Macri loses on Oct. 27 to the opposition Kirchnerism, the trade opening maintained by both countries could be jeopardized. 

Kirchnerism is a left-wing Argentinian political group formed by the supporters of the late Néstor Kirchner, President of Argentina from 2003 to 2007, and of his wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Senator since 2017 and President from 2007 until 2015.

Bolsonaro explains that a victory for Kirchnerism could revitalize the Sao Paulo Forum, a conference of leftist political parties, and put the entire South American trade bloc or Mercosur at risk which includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Suriname.

Finally, he warns that if Kirchnerism assumes power and fails to comply with the agreed rules, he will propose some kind of penalty for Argentina within Mercosur.

Chileans Protect Property from Looters Associated With Student Metro Protests  

Chilean citizens organized to protect their homes and businesses from looters associated with metro-related protesters.

After an unusual wave of violence associated with protests over an increase in public transportation fares and a subsequent state of emergency declared in Santiago, lawful citizens are now providing aid to deployed military attempting to maintain order.

Dressed in yellow vests and armed with sticks and whistles, citizens patrol the streets to protect their neighborhoods and supermarkets.

An escalation in riots, believed to have been planned and organized by insurgent cells, has led to the looting and burning of hundreds of supermarkets throughout Chile.

With many having either lost their jobs or unable to travel to their jobs, some have decided to protect food supplies and normal functions while authorities report a total of 15 deaths related to looting and burning of stores.

Cuban Airline Cancels International Flights

Cubana de Aviación ceased flights to Venezuela and many other destinations due to international sanctions aimed at weakening the Castro regime.

The state owned company announced the cancellation of all flights to Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, Haiti and Martinique.

The company pointed out that for the time being, only international flights to Buenos Aires and Madrid will remain active.

The flight stoppage came after the U.S. government imposed sanctions on the communist regime for repressing the Cuban people and supporting Nicolas Maduro.