June 12th I was informed that I may have to go to California on assignment without much detail given. The next day it was looking like it wasn’t going to happen. Then later in the afternoon I was told it was a go, So I packed up the gear, loaded up my Chevy Silverado and drove to California. I still didn’t know the true nature of the story I was supposed to tell. All I was told was that On the 18th of June, President Trump will hold a Rally in Florida to announce his re-election for 2020. So why did I have to go to California?
Orlando's Amway Center was filled to capacity, at approximately 20,000 enthusiastic Trump supporters. Nothing new for this President. But According to President Trump, he had over 100,000 requests and had to turn most of them down.
All across California volunteers hosted what they called, Watch Parties. Over 100,000 Californians gathered together in homes to watch President Trump announce his candidacy for re-election, and to show their support. I was invited to one of these watch Parties and it was there where I understood the true nature of this story. The Story of the California Conservative. That’s what I’m talking about today, on the BL.