Amazon Fire: 4 members of an NGO arrested

In Brazil, police arrested four volunteer firefighters, members of an NGO accused of setting fires in the Amazon.

The incident took place in the northern region of the Amazon state of Pará, where a series of fires hit the jungle in September.

The four are members of an NGO linked to the Health and Joy project.

The police reported that the arrests are a preventive measure in the middle of an investigation into the causes of these fires and the collection of donations.

The authorities have also indicated that the firefighters had privileged information and images of the fires that were suspicious. 

It is suspected that those involved sold images to the international NGO World Wildlife Fund.

Lula da Silva is closer to going back to prison

For the second time judges rejected former Brazilian President Lula da Silva's appeal and increased prison sentences for corruption and money laundering.

Unanimously, the three judges in Porto Alegre, rejected the former president's appeal and raised the sentence from 12 to 17 years.

In February 2019, Lula was convicted for the first time. 

Although he was released due to a recent Supreme Court ruling, the regional court upheld the crimes.

Lula da Silva is accused of receiving at least $250,000 for a farm in São Paulo in exchange for awards in Petrobras contracts.

According to the former director of Constructora OAS, Lula also ordered the illegal financing of the campaign of former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

Colombia's president threatened 

Colombian institutional accounts were hacked to threaten Colombian President Iván Duque and his family.

The authorities confirmed that the cyberattacks were carried out from the official account of the Judicial Branch.

The tweets against the president said, "Do you care about your family, Ivan Duke? And you don't care about those who died innocently?"

"From the Superior Council we wish the death of our beloved and corrupt President Ivan Duque. We hope to see his body dismembered."

Minutes after the threats were made public, the account was recovered and the tweets deleted.

The United States warned of the interference of the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes in the unrest of the Latin American crisis through social networks.

Evo Morales booed at University of Mexico

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales was booed at a university in Mexico and accused of stealing the elections.

A video posted on social networks documents how he was loudly booed while giving a lecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

While Morales spoke of the achievements of his administration, a group of demonstrators entered the auditorium with signs denouncing electoral fraud in Bolivia.

Morales tried to stick to the speech, but the commotion caused him to lose the thread of the conference.