Veteran actor Robert Davi disclosed how power brokers from Hollywood repeatedly offered him “everything” in return for giving up his support for President Donald Trump.

Davi appeared on the Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday to discuss “Will & Grace” stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack recent calls  to create a blacklist of Hollywood figures that will be attending Trump’s Beverly Hills fundraiser scheduled for Sept. 17.

Davi was asked if this type of attack on conservative voters was a recent occurrence, he responded:

“Well, its increased,  its now on steroids, you know, but since the 20's, the 1920's , the communist party has infiltrated socialism, America and especially Hollywood because Marx (Karl) knew that culture and Lenin knew that culture was a point to capture. And you were talking about Ronald Reagan earlier, who was a bleeding heart Liberal in the beginning, and then he saw what the left were doing with issues that they were using it for something else, they weren't using them to help the people, but they were using them to divide people.

“I’ve been offered, by other people in the industry, at certain points, to denounce Trump, and they said, ‘What do you want?’” “They said, ‘What do you want? You’d be on every talk show, everything. You want to do stuff?’

The 68-year-old actor and director has featured in over 130 movies, including the action film “Die Hard” and the James Bond thriller “License to Kill,”  says he was refused certain jobs due to his support for the President .

Davi also stated, that “95%” of Hollywood’s technical professionals are supporters of Trump, but can’t speak up for fear of losing their livelihoods.