43 dead bodies found in Mexico

At least 43 dismembered bodies have been identified in a mass grave in Mexico.

The bodies were found weeks ago in the state of Jalisco, inside approximately 100 black bags.

Relatives of the disappeared urge the local government to send more officials to help with the unidentified remains.

Authorities say they are overwhelmed as they investigate other findings of bodies from August and May, in addition to the mass grave.

The Mexican state of Jalisco is home to one of the country's most violent drug cartels, known as the New Generation Cartel.

UN Rights chief Bachelet received illegal money for Chilean presidential campaign 

A witness confesses that he had illegally financed the campaign of the former socialist president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, now the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

José Adelmário Pinheiro, a construction businessman arrested for corruption, says he gave Bachelet more than $140,000 on the orders of former Brazilian socialist Lula Da Silva.

Pinheiro explains, during an interrogation of the corruption case Lava Jato, that he made the payment in 2013 to a company owned by Bachelet's campaign collector.

The Lava Jato scandal has led to the resignation of President Dilma Roussef and the sentencing of her predecessor, Lula Da Silva, to 12 years in prison for corruption.

Pinheiro has confessed that, through Lula, his company also received illegal public works concessions in Bolivia after giving a large sum of money to the socialist government of Evo Morales.

Spain to release former chavista general

Spanish authorities will release the former head of the Chavista counterintelligence, Hugo Carvajal, against the advice of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The accused is expected to be released soon, after the Spanish National Court rejects an extradition order for drug trafficking.

The United States has accused him for collaborating with the Colombian guerrillas FARC, in an attempt to harm the country by flooding it with tons of cocaine.

Carvajal, in his defense, claims he was innocent and only had conversations with the FARC to help in the peace process in Colombia.

The Spanish prosecutor's office points out during the trial that Carvajal should be extradited for the criminal activities denounced in the U.S. lawsuit.

Major power outage in Central America

A major power outage has left El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras without electricity.

The failure, detected in the regional transmission line, has affected millions of Central American citizens.

Honduras and Nicaragua were left without electricity for at least 90 minutes in most of the territory, while Guatemala and El Salvador registered partial cuts.

The Regional Operator in charge of energy in the region explains that the blackout has occurred because the system automatically disconnects after detecting large electrical oscillations.

Nicaragua is most affected, since the blackout causes problems in the water pumping systems that authorities expect to solve in the coming hours.