4.6 million Venezuelans in exile since crisis

There are already 4.6 million Venezuelans who have left the country due to the humanitarian crisis.

According to estimates by the Organization of American States (OAS), Colombia is the country with the most Venezuelans in its territory, about 1.6 million who have fled from Venezuela.

It is followed by Peru with nine hundred thousand, the United States and Chile with some four hundred thousand.

Ecuador receives 350,000 Venezuelans, while Brazil and Argentina have some 165,000 each.

OAS coordinator David Smolansky points out that Spain, which does not part of the OAS receives the most Venezuelans, with some three hundred thousand.

Since the exodus of Venezuelans, a growing number of countries are implementing visa requirements at their borders to control the massive influx of Venezuelan immigrants.

Heavy rains put out Bolivian forest fires

The recent rains have helped put out the forest fires that had been raging in Bolivia for two months.

The heavy storms, coupled with the efforts of 5,000 Bolivian soldiers deployed on the Chiquitania plain, have helped to contain and snuff out the forest fires. 

The Bolivian National Meteorological and Hydrological Service, on Monday, October 7, finally confirmed that there are no active fires left.

It is estimated that the fires, considered the largest in the last two decades, have destroyed over four million hectares of dry forest.

Bolivia's President Evo Morales has been harshly criticized because the fires began shortly after he approved the burning of land.

Brazil removes tons of oil from its beaches

Brazil announces the removal of more than 100 tons of oil from the Brazilian coast after an unidentified spill.

The polluting sediments—the origin of which is being investigated—appeared in early September on 130 beaches in 42 municipalities in the northwest of the country.

President Jair Bolsonaro met with various authorities to discuss the origin of the mysterious oil spills.

He explains that it is rare for the ship's commander not to report an oil spill in the case of an accident or shipwreck.

The president states that it could be a criminal act to damage tourism in the area because Brazil is famous for its beaches.

Bolsonaro points out, without going into detail, that they are investigating a certain oil-producing country as a possible cause of the disaster.

Guatemala, Mexico to sign open skies agreement

Guatemala and Mexico will sign an open skies agreement in January 2020.

Guatemala's President-elect Alejandro Giammattei has made the announcement recently..

Giammattei says he will sign the pact with Mexico on January 14, with the aim of lowering the price of airline tickets. 

He also indicated that in the border zone of both countries, the two countries will develop the first bi-national economic region in the world.

He expects the region to generate one million new jobs over the next ten years. 

Giammattei has promised that after assuming the presidency, he will endeavor to turn Guatemala into the logistic shipping hub for the American continent.

He also said that in order to encourage and attract more foreign investment, he will introduce a bill to eliminate some taxes.