A state trooper, a police sergeant, and a couple have been praised for rescuing a woman stranded in her truck in Columbia, Connecticut, during a flood.

Floodwaters from Tropical Storm Elsa rushed onto Parker Bridge Road near the Coventry town line on Friday, July 9, causing the incident, according to the Hartford Courant. The State Police reported the rescue took place just after 6:30 p.m. on Parker Bridge Road in Columbia.

When Michael and Stephanie Einsiedal received word that someone needed help on a flooded road, they happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The Einsiedals own a Humvee and usually drive around after a storm, but this time their joy turned into a late-afternoon rescue.

The couple drove down Parker Bridge Road just as the water in the streets began to rise, and not long after, two state troopers appeared behind them.

The troopers boarded the Humvee and set out to find the woman in desperate need of assistance.

“The lady was clinging on for dear life,” said Michael Einsiedal.

“You could only see just the very top of the vehicle and one of the state troopers he jumped right in and swam over to the woman,” Stephanie told NBC Connecticut.

Michael drove into the floodwater to block some of the water from rushing through the rescue site,

According to the footage, the woman was crushed against her truck’s door with an officer who had arrived earlier nearby in chest-deep water.

“They didn’t hesitate at all. Fully clothed, just jumped right in there,” Stephanie expressed her gratitude to the rescuers.

According to state police, the woman drove into the flooded road just before 6:00 p.m., and many fire departments rushed to the scene.

The Einsiedals expressed their gratitude for being able to help.

“I’m just glad that she was by herself and there weren’t two kids in the vehicle because it would’ve been a whole different story,” said Michael Einsiedal.

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