A man claiming to be an artist allegedly vandalized Hunter Biden’s latest exhibit in New York City’s South of Houston Street (SoHo) neighborhood.

A video shared on social media shows Rod Webber entering the Georges Berges Gallery in SoHo at about 4 p.m., on July 9. After finding a suitable wall, he suddenly spray paints the word “Daddy” backwards in pink.

Gallery staff quickly approach the activist and bear-hug him to prevent him from adding the words “war crimes” next to Biden’s different works, selling for up to $500,000 each.

Webber explained he used the exhibit at the “Hunter Biden gallery” to highlight the Biden family’s 40 years of controversy.

“Going back for many, many years–roughly 40 years–Joe Biden has involved himself in all kinds of shenanigans,” he can be heard saying in the video.

“He has been corrupted over the years. He has worked with segregationists, Klansmen, and now–I do not even know what is going on with this gallery situation but he cannot stop bombing Syria or Iraq,” he added. “Someone should say something about it.”

The activist accused gallery staff of continuing to assault him, despite being repeatedly told not to do so.

“Get off me, buddy! Let go of me, let go of me [expletive] head!” Webber said. “You just assaulted me over and over.”

However, the employee defended his actions by claiming he was taking the law into his own hands without a warrant.

“I am detaining you,” he can be heard saying. “This is a citizen’s arrest … I am waiting for the cops.”

Since Webber did not finish painting his message, he shouted his message so everyone could hear.

“Daddy war crimes! War crimes, baby!” he said. “Joe Biden is a war criminal, and you support his son’s work to launder his money.”

New York Police Department officers finally arrived at the scene, arrested Webber and removed him from the premises. The suspect is expected to be charged with criminal mischief, according to the New York Post.

Webber revealed his protest was also against President Biden’s relentless armed conflicts and misinformation campaigns.

“New daddy is same as the old daddy,” he said in his personal blog. “Bombings in Syria and Iraq. Endless wars. Weapons of mass destruction was a lie. Art gallery promotes crime family.”

He accused Hunter of hiding what he called illegally obtained funds.

“Hunter Biden is helping to launder money for his godfather–that is why daddy war crimes were the words on the wall,” he said according to the Daily Mail. “Biden is here to launder money for the oligarchs, and to do business for his masters to hurt brown people across the other side of the globe.”

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