On Wednesday June 16, CCTV footage of the cable car catastrophe in northern Italy that killed 14 people was released for the first time. The video shows the cable car reaching the landing station before abruptly disconnecting, losing control, and reeling backwards at a deadly speed.

The disaster occured around 12 p.m. on May 23 when the cable snapped and the emergency brake failed to stop the car from going backwards. The vehicle then pulled off the support line entirely, flew into the air and plunged 65 feet into the Mottarone mountain near Lake Maggiore.

Two new footage of the catastrophe have been released, both captured inside and outside the cable car station and shared by Italian media.

According to the footage shot from inside, the carriage was just feet away from arriving at the station when the cable snapped, sending the car and its passengers careening back down the mountain. For a moment, an engineer appears to be in shock before quickly rushing about the station, unsure what to do about the unexpected tragedy.

Two videos published by Italian news outlet TG3 on June 16, 2021 (Source: @Tg3web Twitter/ Screenshot via the BL)

Another outside footage shows the gondola careening down the line at around 60 miles per hour before smashing.

Images from the crash site showed the smashed car lay in a clearing on the summit of the Mottarone peak, surrounded by a thick grove of pine trees.

Each gondola has a capacity of 40 passengers, but due to COVID restrictions, only about half of that number were on board.

Since the horrific catastrophe, heartbreaking information about those who died has emerged.

Only one person survived the crash: Eitan Biran, a five-year-old boy, was reportedly saved by his father’s embrace. The disaster killed Eitan’s Israeli-born parents, younger brother, and great-grandparents. Their bodies were returned to Israel.

The Sun reported the catastrophe took the lives of Roberta Pistolato, a front-line worker in Italy’s fight against COVID-19, who was celebrating her 40th birthday with her boyfriend Angelo Gasparro, 45.

Serena Cosetino, a 27-year-old scientist, and her 30-year-old boyfriend, an Iranian student named Mohammed Reza Shahisavandi, were also killed in the incident.

Vittorio Zorloni, 55, his 37-year-old partner, Elisabetta Personini, and their 5-year-old son, Mattia, also died, per the news outlet.

Silvia Malnati, 27, and Alessandro Merlo, 29, an engaged couple, were among the victims.

Authorities in Italy finally detained three men—Luigi Nerini, 56, Gabriele Tadini, 63, and Enrico Perocchio, 51—linked to Ferrovie Mottarone, the cableway’s operator, claiming the emergency brakes had been disabled.

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