Cuban cemetery workers have been caught dumping suspected Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19) corpses in mass graves.

Independent media footage shows cemetery workers filling a mass grave with numerous coffins and funeral flower arrangements. None of the employees can be seen labeling the graves or recording who each coffin belongs to. BL can confirm the cemetery is Santiago de Cuba’s Juan González Cemetery.

BL understands most of the individuals died from COVID-19 while some did not test positive for the pathogen.

Cuba’s Public Health Ministry confirmed 98 COVID-19 patients died within 24 hours on Aug. 4. This is reportedly the island nation’s deadliest day since the outbreak began, bringing the total death count to 3,091. The ministry also revealed the communist island is still treating 46,113 patients, representing another single-day record for new infections.

Residents in at least one large central city claim Communist Party officials were so overwhelmed with dead bodies they resorted to burying victims in the backyards of local residents, according to Breitbart. The party does not truly recognize private property, and maintains that everything is community owned.

Various reports have emerged of overcrowded cemeteries, new mass graves, government officials losing track of corpses, and families being provided with inaccurate information about final resting places.

Warning: the following video contains graphic Images

Although Spanish independent media outlet Diario de Cuba confirmed the authenticity of videos of mass graves appearing across Cuba, the Castro regime vigorously denies burying a large number of victims in the same pit.

Cuban independent media reported the soaring number of deaths in central Ciego de Avila prompted local government officials to pile and bury bodies in residential backyards, bordering the local cemetery.

Ciego de Avila resident Moraima Lugo revealed she could not eat at home due to the “bad smell.”

“[The Cuban regime] had flooded us with bodies everywhere,” she said according to 14ymedio.

Lugo compared the entire real-life experience to something she would expect from a “horror movie.” She also accused the regime of leaving bodies just a “few meters (10 feet) from their bedroom window.”

“We have been complaining for over a week … because what we are living through we would not wish on anyone,” she said according to the publication. “Fences they tore down to expand the cemetery belong to people’s backyards who have been living there [for] a long time.”

Other Ciego de Avila residents reported mass graves were so large, coffins were frequently left out in the open as cemetery workers waited for more dead bodies to be piled on top. Some relatives claim their loved ones’s coffin cooked in 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) weather for up to 15 days.

Yamilka Castellanos’s cousin died after being diagnosed with COVID-19, did not receive care for five days at a nearby clinic.

“She was without a bed at the clinic for five days, died [after testing] positive and they buried her in a mass grave with 40 others, covered it up–and that is it,” Castellanos said according to Breitbart.

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