While the city celebrated the nation’s first Juneteenth federal holiday, a mostly black crowd of Juneteenth revelers cheered as a white woman was severely beaten in the streets of a Long Branch, New Jersey commercial district, turning the holiday into a riot.

The celebration was intended to be a great occasion of the Juneteenth holiday, signed into law by President Biden on Thursday, June 17, making it a national holiday to mark the end of slavery.

President Biden acknowledged historical brutality against the black community and said the holiday calls for action as he signed the bill establishing Juneteenth, a federal holiday.

“That’s why we must understand that Juneteenth represents not only the commemoration of the end of slavery in America more than 150 years ago, but the ongoing work to have to bring true equity and racial justice into American society, which we can do.

“In short, this day doesn’t just celebrate the past; it calls for action today.”

Shortly after that, the event suddenly devolved into a violent riot, causing police to cordon off the zone after families reported children trapped inside businesses with no way out.

According to local media sources, the Juneteenth celebration in Long Branch’s Pier Village escalated into a full-scale riot, with hundreds of people turning on their hosts and destroying businesses and property throughout the Pier Village area.

Several fights broke out, and the beating of a white woman was recorded on video in one instance.

A white woman was violently attacked by a group of black men and women, and many more rioters surrounded the scene, applauding the attack. As the rioters continuously strike her, the woman eventually goes down, unable to defend herself. While the woman is beaten, one man can be heard sarcastically saying, “Say my name.” The term has become a battle cry for supporters of “social justice.”

The police eventually arrived and formed a protective ring around the woman.

Additional video shows a chaotic crowd of hundreds of rioters racing through city streets as police attempted to maintain control. Several rioters took breaks from the fight to twerk, while others danced on the tops of moving vehicles.

During the rioting, the Ocean County Scanner warned people to stay away from the area:

“Police have area locked down due to riots in the area. Parents are reporting their children are locked in businesses they work in with no way out. Reports of police in riot gear trying to control the scene. Numerous fights involving police, and vandalism. Avoid the area.”

The area was finally restored after police called in reinforcements from surrounding agencies and the state police. Several arrests made during the violence have been made public by the police. However, the identity of the assault victim and her current condition is not known.

The incident went unnoticed by the mainstream media, which has mostly ignored violence committed by the black community since the “racially just” protests and riots erupted in the summer of 2020.

Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Juneteenth has increased in popularity in the past year, with demonstrations and riots. Derek Chauvin, a former officer, was found guilty of the black man’s murder.

President Biden, however, made no mention of the nationwide black-on-black crime, nor did he call for a halt to the violence that has spread throughout American cities in the name of “racial justice.”

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