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Latin America

    FARC announces return to arms in Colombia

    Venezuelan refugees settle in Colombia

    Mexico: Alleged attack on bar causes huge fire

    Ecuador regularizes illegal immigration

    Shortage of anti-cancer drugs in Mexico

    Transfers of gang members in El Salvador

    Bolivian president accepts aid for Amazon fires

    El Salvador expels Venezuelan workers

    Armed battle between guerrillas in Colombia

    Mexican government seeks to raise revenue

    Mexican judge authorizes cocaine use

    Uruguay president says he could have cancer

    Maduro confirms contact with US officials

    Mexican cartels recruit more children every day

    Maduro liable for majority of homicides in Venezuela

    Feminist march ends in vandalism in Mexico

    4 killed in clashes between soccer fans in Honduras

    65 "abandoned" immigrants rescued in Mexico

    Colombia denies Maduro's accusations 

    Deadly black fly alert in Mexico