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Campaign 2020

    President Trump Officially Announces 2020 Re-election Campaign at Energized Orlando Rally

    President Donald Trump GIGANTIC RALLY in Orlando Florida 2020 Election Launch

    President Trump addresses the rally in Michigan to standing room only packed event

    CPAC 2019 - How China is Using 5G & AI to Take Over the World

    The BL news-President Trump announces Executive order to protect free speech on College campuses

    CPAC 2019 - Judge Jeanine Pirro

    CPAC 2019 - Dennis Prager

    CPAC 2019 - Jikido "Jay" Aeba

    CPAC 2019 - Diamond and Silk

    CPAC 2019 - President Donald J. Trump

    CPAC 2019 - LtCol Ollie North

    CPAC 2019 - The Heartbeat of Humanity

    CPAC 2019 - Speech by Vice President Mike Pence denouncing Socialism