Good Samaritans have altered the life of a 20-year-old man from Oklahoma who walks 17 miles daily for work.

Donte Franklin, 20, was presented with a brand new bike by a riding group to recognize his efforts in life.

“It just touched me that this man is only 20 years old and is walking to two different jobs with nothing in the heat.” said Kerri Collins, the leader of My Riding Buddies Oklahoma.

She was among the individuals who noticed Franklin’s story that was shared on social media.

Michael Lynn, who gave Franklin a lift in the heat, has also started a fundraising campaign to assist Franklin in getting a car.

Finally, over $53,000 was donated in total for the young man.

Lynn said Franklin deserved it because the 22-year-old is always looking for ways to help others. Franklin is learning to become a welder in addition to working hard as a cook.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but really it was a true blessing he gave me a ride.” Franklin shared his gratitude, according to SBLY Shareably.

The story began one day when Lynn first saw Franklin walking in the scorching Oklahoma heat.

Lynn pulled over and gave Franklin a lift. The kind-hearted driver learned more about Franklin’s life during their trip.

Franklin’s mother died of hepatitis C four years earlier. However, he went on to work hard to make her proud.

The young man works at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant on the other side of town. As a result, he must leave his house around three hours before his scheduled shift.

He has to walk 17 miles to get to work because he does not always have a ride.

Despite his challenges, he did not miss a single shift. And he was never late for work.

“I really don’t care if it gets tiring, I just have to keep pushing.” Franklin said.

The young man’s determination amazed Lynn, who published Franklin’s case on social media because he wanted to help. And the touching story rapidly went viral.

“I’m so happy for you, Donte. You deserve everything good in life.” said one Internet user.

“What a wonderful young man, as the lady [Collins] said, people his age just don’t do what he’s doing.” wrote another one. “God bless those who helped him help himself.”

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