A little girl, who is fighting stage four kidney and lung cancer, was crowned as an honorary Miss Louisiana during a fundraiser held in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, on Saturday, Oct. 19.

Crazy Dave’s Daiquiri Bar and Grill in Livingston was packed during a fundraiser for 6-year-old Ashlynn Carlock. The fundraiser involved a jambalaya and pastalaya cook-off, vendors, an auction, and a blood drive, WAFB9 reported.

Ashlynn’s family hit hard while paying her medical bills, Haley Wascom, who coordinated the event, said.

“I can’t imagine my kids being sick and having to try to take care of them and having to worry about losing my home and not being able to pay my light bill. She’s a great little girl. Most of the time she doesn’t let it affect her at all. She just acts like the happiest kid in the world,” Wascom shared.

“She is resilient and she is so kind and so sweet. She’s winning this battle. I actually got to crown her today as an honorary Ms. Louisiana, so we got to just celebrate her and give her all the love and support,” Chloe Burkett, Miss Louisiana for America, said.

Carlock found it challenging to be able to take part in the same activities, other children, her age are involved in.

“I go to a library because I’m sick, and I can’t go to other people if some are sick,” Carlock said.

Many from the community said they would not miss this opportunity to help her.

During the fundraiser, the resilient little girl was all smiles, joking and playing pranks with her friends.

Carlock will soon undergo a stem cell transplant. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Ashlynn’s family.

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