Nearly a year into the movement to ‘defund the police’ in cities like Portland, Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis, where they effectively slashed the police force’s budget, crime soared sharply.

George Floyd, the scapegoat

The death in police custody of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, triggered a wave of protests across the US, and under the false premise of combating ‘racism’ in policing, the protests ended up being an excuse to loot, destroy and create chaos during Donald Trump’s administration.

The Marxist Black Lives Matter movement saw the opportunity to seed and push the idea of defunding the police by convincing the public that George Floyd’s death was a sign of the systematic racism that permeates American society.

But it is not true, and this anarchic proposal only worked in cities run by people who hold similar values or are outright Marxists hiding behind a Democrat’s dress.

Portland, Oregon

Not news to those living in the United States, Portland is the birthplace of Antifa, another radical leftist movement that even though by their name they are supposed to ‘fight fascism,’ the only thing they have done is promote fascism.

According to Fox News, 2020 was the bloodiest year for Portland. After city officials approved a $16 million cut to the police budget in July 2020, homicides increased more than 270% over the previous year.

In the first two months of 2021 alone, the Portland Police Bureau reported 17 murders, a 1,600% increase over the only murder recorded during the first two months of 2020.

For nearly six months after May 25, 2020, Antifa and Black Lives Matter went on a rampage to destroy the city and even attempted to set fire to the federal courthouse.


The city where it all started, Minneapolis, had a nearly 50% increase in homicides since the city twice took almost $10 million away from the police to be used for ‘social programs.’

A majority of Minneapolis City Council members said they supported the complete dissolution of the police department.

Los Angeles

The city took $150 million away from the police force, where homicides rose 38% between 2020 and this year.

By a near-unanimous vote, the city’s political leadership cut 231 officers from the police force.

New York City

Homicides rose almost 12%, but shootings or gun violence increased more than 40% in the Empire State.

The city cut $1 billion from the NYPD budget, eliminating a unit responsible for removing illegal guns from troubled neighborhoods.

At the same time that the Black Lives Matter protests were destroying beautiful downtown Manhattan, De Blasio helped paint a mural with the name of the movement in front of the Trump building, defying the former president who from day one denounced the unjustified violence and called for “law and order.”


Considering that almost all these Democrat-run cities, lovers of censorship, cancellation, and authoritarianism, implemented strict quarantine measures, it is not wrong to say that these numbers would have been exponentially higher if the usual activities of these cities had been maintained throughout the year.