After the death of Robert Trump, the president’s brother, on Aug. 15, some media and opposition politicians took advantage of the event to criticize Donald Trump even wishing his own death.

In a press release from the White House on Saturday, President Trump announced, “It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight. He was not just my brother, he was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.”

Incredibly, the immorality of certain media and left-wing Democratic politicians did not rest even in sensitive moments like this. Many took advantage of Robert Trump’s death, to criticize the president. 

An example of this lack of morality is the headline in the Washington Post on Saturday: “Robert Trump, younger brother of President Trump who filed lawsuit against niece, dies at 71.”

Interestingly, when the Islamic state terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died last October, the Washington Post ran a story with a headline that appeared to be communicating the death of a friend of the fatherland that read: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Religious Austerity Leader of Islamic State, Dies at 48.

He himself was condemned by the Trump administration. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany expressed her displeasure on Twitter by republishing the story and adding a comment that simply said, “I have no word.”

The Associated Press wrote a story about Robert Trump’s death. Instead of simply reporting the man’s death, it sought to position Donald as “the bad guy” as opposed to his recently deceased brother who was the “tolerant and friendly” one in the family. The article said, “President Donald Trump’s younger brother, Robert Trump, a businessman known for a balance that seemed almost incompatible with the family name.”

Leftist opponents also showed their hatred, disrespect, and lack of morals by taking advantage of the situation to make meaningless criticisms such as those made via Twitter by Wajahat Ali and Mehdi Hasan.

Ali wrote: “A man who golfs as his own brother dies does not care if you or your loved ones will die during a deadly pandemic. Your tax cuts and whiteness aren’t worth it.”

Mehdi Hasan said: “Amazing how many news outlets are just reporting straight that the president’s brother died in hospital tonight without telling us how he died or acknowledging that it’s odd we’re not being told how the president’s brother died.”

The pastor and author on the left, Bishop Talbert Swan, wrote, ““Dear Grim Reaper, You took the #wrongtrump.”

Immediately #WrongTrump started to be a trend on Twitter used satirically by anti-Trump leftists looking to make fun of the president.