Nobody likes to feel like old news, like their days of glory are gone. But Ernie Andrus claims this is precisely how he felt after his famous, record-breaking run in the months following.

He is making his second trip across the country on foot.

From San Diego, California, all the way to Saint Simons Island, Georgia, 93-year-old Ernie became the oldest person ever to run across America back in 2016. At the end, an enormous crowd joined him as the beach was stormed by World War II sailor to fervent chants and flying colors. It was sheer happiness.


That all occurred about two and a half years ago. Ernie is still running for practice today and still dreams of glory.

“I was running three days a week, but it’s the same old thing. And I just got a little bored,” he said.

He has been so restless lately, he has chosen to do something notable. At the age of 95 on Saturday, Ernie will return to Georgia beach where he finished his run— to begin a fresh run back across the nation.

He hopes to reach San Diego sometime after his 100th birthday. The man is nothing if not an optimist.

“I’ve got all the runs planned clear up to 2025,” he said.

Ernie claims he was ready to go to war for a long time, and maybe his sense of adventure and love of country is what keeps this American hero on the long, sometimes lonely path to California.

Ernie’s past as a Navy Corpsman in the Pacific Theater is still as fresh as the morning dew; he kept troops alive and helped set up island base camps to eventually bomb Hiroshima.

Ernie would like to thank all the individuals who went with him for their escorts in Southeast Georgia and the Georgia Highway Patrol. In Florida, the FHP is now escorting him.

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