Veterans Day is a day that everyone has the opportunity to celebrate and thank military veterans for their service.
It’s even more special when there’s a World War II veteran from Spring Branch, Texas, celebrating his 100th birthday on this Veterans Day.

At a block party, Clarence Kelly was surrounded by friends and family to celebrate his milestone birthday in style.

He enlisted in the Army in 1942. And he became a medic Jeep driver at the age of 22, according to KHOU 11.

Clarence survived an explosion after his Jeep hit a landmine, walking away with only minor scratches while the officer next to him was badly hurt.

He received a Purple Heart for his service, which he still has on display 75 years later. And he also always flies an American flag at his home.

Clarence is a man with great health, a clear memory, and a good sense of humor.

And when people asked him what is the secret for a long life?

“Drink good liquor and stay away from wild women,” he joked.

He was married to just one woman for 67 years and doesn’t drink, so at least partly real wisdom.

Let’s wish this veteran a very happy 100th birthday, and thank him for his years of service!