The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Ministry of Science and Technology, Xiang Libin, puts the international community on alert after announcing that the CCP plans to build three, level-4 biosafety laboratories across the country and 88 level-3 biosafety laboratories. 

The minister took the opportunity to inform about the new Biosafety Law, allowing the CCP to have more independence to make decisions in this regard and generate a legal basis for future inconveniences.

“China inaugurates the Biosafety Law on Thursday, which is expected to further strengthen the legal shield for the establishment and safe operation of more biological laboratories. Bearing in mind that China attaches the utmost importance to biosafety as part of national security,” the CCP communicated through its state-run international propaganda news agency Global Times.

Global Times quoted the deputy director of pathogen biology at Wuhan University, who says the additional biosafety labs are “timely” because they “will provide a legal shield for scientific projects on biosafety, including infectious diseases.”

Xiang Libin said the CCP approved the construction of the three additional P4 labs, as well as the 88 P3 labs. The projects, the official admitted, represent a more than 100 percent increase in China’s existing P3 and P4 laboratories today.

“With the new law, China aims to improve the country’s level of bioscience research and address the prevention and control of potential outbreaks of infectious diseases in animals and plants,” Libin added. 

With this message, he seems to be trying to reinforce the CCP’s theory about the origin of the CCP virus, which it attributes to a mutation of the virus in animals to humans, trying to dismiss the serious allegations that abound about the origin of the virus in the Wuhan laboratory. 

The controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), currently one of two level-4 biosafety labs in China, is where allegations claim the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), known as the CCP Virus, was created and released. 

There will soon be three more such biosafety labs, as well as dozens of others at a lower level, according to recent announcements by the CCP authorities.

A delegation from the World Health Organization (WHO), a year after the start of the pandemic, entered the Wuhan laboratory intending to submit a report following substantiated allegations that the virus had started there.

The investigation turned out to be embarrassing, interfered with by the CCP authorities, and loaded with political interests that tarnished the possibility of carrying out a correct and reliable study that could inform the world about the conditions and the true origin of the virus. 

Jamie Metzl, a consultant advisor to the WHO, was one of those who pointed out serious flaws in the report, which prevent it from being considered authoritative, as he reported.

“This whole study by the joint team, in my opinion, is not credible or valid because they looked at some hypotheses and not others, and then had the temerity to rank the likelihood of the different hypotheses,” Metzl said according to Sky News on April 4.

Metzl rules out the possibility that the virus’s origin is from bats in a food market as they are trying to impose. On the contrary, he assures that the Wuhan laboratory has an incalculable collection of coronaviruses from where the spread of the virus has undoubtedly started. 

Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, defends Metzl’s theory and, on several occasions, has referred to China’s history of accidents with viruses.

“Accidental laboratory infections have caused several previous virus outbreaks in China and elsewhere, including a 2004 SARS outbreak in Beijing,” Pompeo said in a statement.


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