A woman became an unexpected victim of a gunfight between two rival tow truck companies while she was waiting for the police’s arrival in Queens after her parked car experienced a severe slam.

On Saturday night, Nov. 7, Susy Delgado, 48, dialed 911 after her parked car at Sutter Ave. and 77th St. in Ozone Park suddenly was seriously crashed into by a Range Rover driving at high speed as reported by the Daily Mail.

According to neighbors, the Range Rover’s owner is a part of a group of young men who were speeding on the block. The driver fled in another car after the collision, abandoning his vehicle and leaving Delgado with no idea who the car owner was.

After calling 911, workers from two car companies suddenly arrived before police officers. They both wanted to tow her shattered car, although Delgado hadn’t called either of them.

These two workers started an intense argument as to who would tow her car.

Finally, one of the men pulled out a gun and fired several shots at his opponent while poor Delgado searched for shelter. Although the two workers were unharmed, the bullet struck Delgado, ripping through her right thigh.
She said, “I heard the bullets, and when I turned around, that’s when it hit me.”

Delgado collapsed, bleeding profusely, with the bullet going through two sides of her thigh. Her husband stood by her side, reassuring her. The woman said in despair: “I felt the pain in my leg, I was praying I would be able to see my kids again.”

Both two truck workers escaped immediately after the shotgun. Eventually, EMS showed up to transport Delgado to Brookdale University Hospital after her husband’s brother-in-law’s 911 call.

Back home on Sunday night, Delgado, an employee of Kennedy Airport cleaning airplanes for JetBlue, still hasn’t fully recovered from her unbelievable incident. This was the first time she experienced something like this, ‘I’ve been living around this neighborhood for seven years. Never in my life has anything happened with guns around here.’

The collision has heavily damaged her car, which she had just bought three months ago.

Although cops and medics instantly reacted to the shooting emergency case, Delgado admitted frustration on her earlier 911 call reporting her car slam, which was long enough for the tow truck workers to arrive first.

Biaz, a Delgado’s neighbor, also felt terrified when this was the first time he heard gunshots. He said: “There’s always car crashes but never shootings.”

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Delgado said that she felt lucky when the bullet didn’t take her life, but she also raised concerns about the world’s security and peace.

She came up with unanswered questions: “Why are people carrying guns?” she added. “Whoever invented guns, that’s the worst invention ever.”

She concluded: “I just want peace in this world. This world is not at peace. I don’t know what this world is coming to.”

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