A suspecting daughter playing foul at her mother’s nursing home set up hidden cameras, which led to one of her caretakers being arrested.

At the Grace Care Center in Tomball, Tracy Thompson was heard verbally abusing the 93-year-old. The daughter asserts that Thompson hurt her mother and laughed at her.

“I’m having a hard time watching it … things that was done to my mother,” Merry West Teno said.

You can hear Teno’s mother in the video saying, “Get your hands off of me.”

Teno said back in October she had shown the video to the nursing home and Thompson was fired.

She then showed it to the police, who launched an investigation but it wasn’t until now that Thompson was accused of abusing the elderly.

Thompson is due to return to court on Feb. 13.

Teno said she first decided to share the video because she thinks there might be other victims.

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