Duane “Dog” Chapman leads a massive search for Brian Laundrie, but what if he finds Gabby Petito’s fiancé? On Friday, a professional bondsman told The Post that Dog the Bounty Hunter does not have a license to catch fugitives and might face criminal charges if he manages to hunt down and detain Brian Laundrie.

Dog doesn’t have a license to keep someone against their will. And it’s not just in Florida; it could happen in any state.

The TV personality’s pursuit of Laundrie is well known, but Florida has strict rules in place for people who want to go after fugitives. According to online records, Chapman does not have the bail agent license required in the state. Therefore, Chapman’s personal attempt to arrest Laundrie could be risky, according to Mike Harrison, VP of the Florida Bail Bondsmen Associates.

Dog’s lack of certification is related to a 1976 murder conviction, Harrison said.

Chapman was involved in a botched drug deal in 1976 when one of his accomplices shot and murdered a man. After that, Dog was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to five years in prison, even though he did not assist in the shooting. As he was convicted of first-degree murder, the former A&E star is barred from getting the required license.

“I don’t think he’s personally going to put handcuffs on anyone because that’d be kidnapping and false imprisonment,” Harrison told New York Post.

“If he finds him, he’s going to have to call law enforcement.”

Harrison added that Florida is stricter on this type of activity than Hawaii and has strict rules about tracking down individuals. The words “bounty hunter” were even eliminated from state legislation back in 2007.

“They changed the verbiage in the law to prevent guys like Dog from coming here from out of state to track down people they have no business tracking. For example, only I can go out to find someone who jumped the bail that I put up. To each his own.”

Finally, Harrison believes that joining the search for Laundrie was a PR move to land a new show, saying:

“Everybody in the business knows Dog is doing this for publicity, maybe to land another TV show. This is about getting more likes on social media, more exposure. But if he can find this kid (Laundrie), I guess more power to him.”

Chapman’s spokesperson told New York Post that if he came across Laundrie, he is still “covered to apprehend multiple ways.”

“There is a warrant for Brian. Any citizen who sees him can detain him and turn him over,” the spokesperson stated.

“There also are licensed people working with Dog and also off-duty police.”

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