Miami Beach police officers said an elderly woman was evicted from her apartment late Friday, Aug. 30, in South Beach while Hurricane Dorian was approaching Florida.

Maria Cazanas, 75, has lived in her apartment on Euclid Avenue for 28 years. She is looking for a place to live after the landlord kicked her to the curb and scattered all of her life’s belongings on the ground like garbage in front of the building.

Neighbors said the 75-year-old is a nice woman who always offers water to others.

“I paid my rent,” she said, adding that her landlord refused to renew her lease.

Police officers and Miami Beach Fire Department personnel responded to a 911 call from a man who was walking by.

“We do not handle or take part in any eviction process,” wrote a spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department Ernesto Rodriguez, adding that the Miami-Dade Police Department handles evictions.

A newly homeless woman with platinum white hair faced several threats including the ongoing king tide, the hurricane’s storm, and the threat of flooding.

Police officers and firefighters gathered around the elderly woman. When firefighters opened the door at Apartment 16, her neighbors clapped and cheered. It was a small victory. Cazanasn was able to recover the medication she had left inside, but her bed and mattress were still on the street.

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