In just one year, a family in Sussex, Wisconsin, lost their two sons. Their second boy died during a Make a Wish trip to the Mall of America on New Year’s Day and now this family is having financial trouble to transport him back home.

Mikey Choroszy’s battle with childhood cancer started about 15 months ago when he was 11 and he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem, according to his mother, Tammy Wildish.

“He was a fighter, he never gave up,” Tammy said.

According to WTMJ-TV, exactly one year ago, Mikey unexpectedly lost his brother Robby, 19, to health issues. So, he decided to fight for his brother.

“He told me that he was fighting for his brother Robby. He was doing this for his brother. He would not give up,” she said.

Last year, although his condition improved, within a few months it recurred.

And to overcome it, Mikey fulfilled his wish of shopping at the LEGO Store at Mall of America. 

“Monday we did a lot of shopping and he was doing really good,” she said. “Mikey took a decline very quickly.”

Although his family knew his time was running out, they had no idea Mikey wouldn’t be coming home with them.

He took his last breath in a hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Jan. 2.

“The biggest thing was watching him die, that was the worst,” Tammy said. “Going from walking to not walking at all to the point where we had to pick him up and move him.”

Now, the unfathomable pain of losing sons in just one year has only been made worse by the financial burden on this family.

“Now, Mikey is still in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we’re trying to get him back as soon as we can. It’s going to be a cost.”

A GoFundMe page was set up to help this family bring their 11-year-old boy home and to say their final goodbyes.


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