A Florida couple, who won a Win a Baby contest on their local radio station, are now parents of a happy and healthy baby boy.

Krista and her husband Anthony Rivera were told they were unable to have a baby naturally after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2017, GMA reported.

So, in vitro fertilization (IVF) was an option for them to have a baby, but it was out of reach financially.
Through a friend, they heard of the 2017 “Win a Baby” sweepstakes on a local Fort Meyers station, B1039/WXKB-FM, offering a free round of IVF treatments to the winner.

Krista said she and her husband had been following radio host Jason “Big Mama” Jones and his wife’s own IVF journey by listening to him talk about it on air.

This contest had a special meaning for Jones.

“We wanted to provide another family with the same experience that my wife and I went through that brought us so much joy. We wake up every morning on B1039 to make miracles happen and dreams come true,” Jones said.

After being inspired, Krista created a video at Anthony’s cancer treatment center to enter the contest and explained why they wanted a baby and needed IVF, according to TODAY.

Amazingly, the community voted and the couple announced the winners over the radio.

“It’s probably the best day of my life [winning the IVF] with the exception of the day our little guy was born,” Krista said.

After the first IVF transfer, Krista became pregnant but miscarried.

“They were only supposed to do one transfer, but were kind enough to do a second,” she explained.

Now, the couple are enjoying their 3-month-old baby boy, Garrett.

“He doesn’t meet anyone that he doesn’t love,” Krista said of her son. “He just loves to cuddle and smile at everybody. I could just stare at him forever.”