One week after President Trump launched a kickoff rally for his 2020 campaign in Orlando, Vice President Pence faced a crowd of Latinos in Miami in an event called, Latinos for Trump. This coalition is part of an effort to seek the support of Latino voters for the 2020 elections.

In his State of the Union Address, President Trump emphatically declared that America would never be a socialist country. Pence brought this up and warned that the Democrats are set on bringing socialism to America, although it has been proven that socialism has failed, such as in Venezuela. He reminded the Latinos that some countries in South America went through decades poverty-stricken and lost freedoms due to socialism.

Pence stated that President Trump always championed Latinos in America. There is a present low unemployment rates among Latinos due to the economic policies of President Trump. He also made special efforts to reach out to Latino conservative Christians, and has created a Hispanic advisory council and meeting with ministers.

As of 2013, Latinos in the United States numbered around 54 million, or 17 percent of the total population. Recent estimates showed that by 2060 Latinos will account for 31 percent of the total population.

Capturing the majority of these voters will be essential for both parties. In 2016 the general belief was that Latinos would vote for Hillary Clinton. Will the Democrats make the same mistake in 2020? In 2016 the general assumption was that Latinos would show up to vote for Clinton, because candidate Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric would alienate conservative Latinos from the Republican Party.

However this proved to be untrue.

Latinos are mostly conservatives, especially the large number of Cuban residents in South Florida.  Although President Trump was criticized for his immigration policies and closed border, it is interesting that there are a lot of Latinos who prefer a protected border.

Pence told the crowd that the president is working to secure the border and “fix this broken immigration system.” He also made a point on mentioning the subject of abortion, reminding everyone there that every Democratic presidential candidate has urged funding abortions with taxpayers’ money. 

Probably the biggest mistake the Democrats made in 2016 was that they ignored the fact that most Latinos are religious and treasure family and social values. During the eight years of Obama, the Latinos were made to feel that their religious freedom was being slowly restricted and family values were ridiculed.

For the conservative Latinos, President Trump restored the right to believe openly, socially, and gave importance to family values. And this could be how President Trump will capture the majority of Latino voters.

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