A Democrat from Oregon is grieving the loss of his wife following an adverse reaction to being immunized against the deadly disease. Many other Americans, who also lost a loved one to side effects of the vaccine, are also coming to grips with their deaths.

State Sen. James Manning, Jr. is struggling to cope with the death of his wife, Lawanda Manning. The 66-year-old reportedly died from side effects after being fully vaccinated against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or COVID Virus on April 17.

“I need time to process this as my heart is so broken, please keep us in prayer,” the senator said on Facebook. “Thanks everybody for your kindness.”

The remarks came just two months after the couple received both doses of the CCP Virus vaccine in Salem, 45 miles southwest of Portland.

“Lawanda and I are fully vaccinated,” the senator said on Instagram at the time. “COVID-19 is real COVID-19 is persistent—please get vaccinated if not for yourself for your family and friends.”

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A memorial service is planned for friends and family in the Willamette Christian Center at 2 p.m. on June 23. It is unclear whether the Democrat still plans to encourage every Oregonian to keep vaccinating themselves.

“I apologize for not responding to everyone, I am trying to process this loss to my universe please understand,” he said on Facebook. “Thank you and may God bless you.”

Lawanda is not the only woman who fell victim to the CCP Virus vaccine. Three younger women also experienced severe reactions after receiving the jab.

Barbara Buchanan, 63

Barbara Buchanan coughed-up a lot of blood just a week after being administered the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen CCP Virus vaccine.

The Beaverton resident urgently sought medical advice, and a primary health professional diagnosed her with multiple blood clots due to the vaccine.

“It turns out there are blood clots in my brain and in my neck,” she said, according to KATU. “I heard the doctors saying and reading my chart when I got home, and them pretty much outlining that it was a direct result of the vaccine.”

The 63-year-old was still being treated at home at the time of publication, and worried about her risk of dying.

“I have a good support system at home but I am scared, I am scared,” she said according to the broadcaster. “People do not think when they go to bed at night that they are not going to wake up the next day, I do not know that anymore.”

Patient Barbara Buchana fears death after suffering severe post-vaccine symptoms in Beaverton, Ore., on May 27, 2021. (KATU Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Camilla Canepa, 18

Italian basketballer Camilla Canepa died from severe blood-clotting just a week after receiving her first AstraZeneca dose.

The 18-year-old was initially hospitalized with severe headaches and light sensitivity. However, doctors discharged her after finding nothing unusual from different computed tomography scans and neurological tests.

However, Canepa was hospitalized a second time just two days later with more severe symptoms including partial paralysis.

The patient was diagnosed with cavernous sinus thrombosis, meaning a blood clot in the area between her eye sockets and brain. Her brain was also bleeding internally. Surgeons quickly performed two operations but it was too late, and she died on June 10.

Canepa’s death prompted the Italian government to restrict the AstraZeneca to only people over the age of 60.

Simone Scott, 19

Mason High School graduate Simone Scott passed away just one month after receiving her second dose of the Moderna jab in Ohio.

The 19-year-old woman, who attended Northwestern University, passed away from myocarditis—an inflammation of the heart muscles—on June 11.

Simone Scott, a Northwestern University student passed away after her second AstraZeneca shot. June 14, 2021 (Screenshot via TheBL/wlwt.com)

Scott’s death came weeks after a heart complication in May, which led to a heart transplant. She passed away due to pneumonia-related issues, and was surrounded by her parents, according to the Daily Northwestern.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating “226 cases of myocarditis, the inflammation of the myocardium in the heart, and pericarditis–the inflammation of the pericardium–among young, vaccinated men,” according to The Hill.

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