Every year when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we each find our way to send love messages to people we treasure. To friends, it’s a day to celebrate the loyalty and caring, to lovers who are together, it’s an occasion to nurture the emotions. 

To Lynn Lawson, this year Valentine is much more meaningful, as she is going to give a life-changing present to her husband Richard: her kidney.

According to the Countrymusicfamily, Lynn made the decision after finding out Richard needed a kidney transplant. She requested that she get tested to see if she’d be a safe donor, and she was. 

The couple was delighted, especially when their 38th wedding anniversary will be next month. 

Richard and Lynn are scheduled to do the transplant today, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day and will be undergoing the operation at Wake Forest Baptist Health, in North Carolina.

The date is also known as National Donor Day, which is twice as meaningful in their case. 

Wake Forest Baptist’s Abdominal Organ Transplant Program began 50 years ago in 1970 and the team recently performed its 4,000th abdominal transplant, which includes kidney and pancreas transplants.

In 2018, 243 patients received a kidney and/or pancreas at Wake Forest Baptist, which is the highest annual total in the history of the program.

According to a release from the hospital, Wake Forest Baptist is the largest kidney and pancreas transplant center in North Carolina and among the 20 most active centers in the country.

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