While Congress has heard over and over how to easily stop the invasion of illegal immigrants coming north through Mexico by simply modifying some policies with just a couple of changes to the law, the dominant American lawmaker, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ignores her responsibility at home and instead embarks on another monumental foreign policy mission parading an entourage of traveling Democrats with a token Republican around Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador under the guise of fact finding and exploring the causes of the crisis of illegals crossing the U.S. southern border. In her infinite wisdom in the now typical Democratic style, the speaker will apparently ask a few questions in person to make it all better for the downtrodden of Central America while at the same time solve the border crisis.

Pelosi said, “What we can do to work together for the security of our region but most importantly for the safety and well being of the people of our two countries. How we could work together to have Guatemala be a place that people want to stay rather than trying to suffer the hardship of coming into America if they are not able to get a status?”

With more than 34,600 Guatemalans deported from the United States so far this year, Washington negotiated a “safe third-country” agreement with Guatemala, which faces some opposition in that country but nevertheless demonstrates the Trump administration attempting to provide Guatemala with incentives to stem the flow of people with the intention of seeking relocation to the United States. Meanwhile, last month during the full Oversight Committee hearing titled, The Trump Administration’s child separation policy, all interested Americans, members of Congress and certainly the speaker of the House were given a clear list of specific solutions to the illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. border during the questioning of Thomas Douglas Homan former director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by Rep. Jim Jordon of Ohio.


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Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said, “Thank you very much, Mr. Jordan.”

Rep. Jim Jordan said, “Mr. Homan the actions you took when you were director of ICE were entirely consistent with the law of the land weren’t they?”

Director Tom Homan said, “Yes, when someone is prosecuted for a crime, the child cannot go to jail with the parent. It happens to American families every day.”

Jordan said, “Ya, and if we, as you said I think earlier, if we don’t like the law, last time I checked it the folks sitting up here gotta change it. And you’ve offered, no more than 4 times, three changes to the law that would help the situation. Is that that right? Maybe make it a fifth time. Can you say it a fifth time for this group because again, we’re the ones that have to change the law. So give us that recommendation a fifth time. The three things we gotta do.”

Homan said, “If we would close the loop holes in the TVPRA (The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act) where children of Central America are treated the same as children from Mexico. If we would change the Flores Settlement Agreement so we can actually detain families long enough for families to see a judge and plead their case. If we can change the rules of asylum so it makes more sense. Since 90% of people don’t pass their first interview, a lot fewer are gonna pass in front of a judge. Those three things would make a big difference on the border and decrease the illegal entry.”

Jordan said, “Because those three things go to the heart of the matter, the incentive. Is that right?”

Homan said, “They go to the incentive along with things such as talk about abolishing ICE, having no detention, free education, free medical care, citizenship for those who are here illegally. When you keep offering incentives for people to come, sanctuary cities. Come to this country, you’ll be protected from ICE. As long as you have this language, more people, who are vulnerable people are going to come.”

Jordan said, “Those kind of statements made by Democrats in the United States Congress or of positions of influence in this country, they have an impact don’t they?”

Homan said, “They have a significant impact.”

Jordan said, “When a member of Congress says abolish ICE. When another member of Congress says abolish DHS (Department of Homeland Security). When the Speaker of the House says walls are immoral. When the person who gave the state of the union response to the president’s State of The Union says she’s okay with noncitizens voting. That all has an impact, doesn’t it? Just like the laws that you are sworn to uphold, have impact and do when you are the Director of ICE.”

Homan said, “It has a significant impact and if this would have been addressed years ago, we probably would not have seen zero tolerance. We wouldn’t have seen the conditions on the border today.”

Includes reporting from Oversight.gov

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