A farmer in Iowa ignored presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, claiming he didn’t know who he was. Watching the television with Biden just a couple of feet away from him, went viral.

The Democratic Party campaign led Biden to Iowa this weekend, the first state to hold primaries (which will begin in February 2020).

Along the way, Biden visited a café in the presence of several journalists, cameramen, and photographers.

There was a farmer from the Missouri Valley. Although Biden came practically to his table, he did not take his eyes off the game being broadcast on television.

The curious moment was captured by Politico reporter Natasha Korecki.

“That time when former VP @joebiden is standing right next to you at the Corn Stalk Cafe and you just don’t care,” Korecki wrote as she shared the image on her Twitter account.

Indeed, not only did the man not greet Biden, but he also did not seem to be affected by the activity of journalists and cameras.

Then Korecki asked him if he was not a Biden fan, to which the man replied: “Who?” The reporter said, “The former vice president,” but the man who grows crops in the Midwest said he had never heard of him, adding, “Are you serious?”

When the journalist, who covers the Democratic Party Caucuses in Iowa, added that Joe Biden had been Barack Obama’s vice president, he said, “Ohhhhhhh. I’m not an Obama fan. This is Republican country.”

The man’s photo and comments went viral on social networks.

“Chances of Biden caring one iota about anyone in the Midwest or understanding life there is about a million to one (probably higher) and this guy knows it! But Biden will be happy to raise your taxes whoopee! Back to the game,” Shelley Schwarz wrote on Twitter.

“75% of the country feels the same way,” said user @MyPassas.

Biden went to Iowa as part of his No Malarkey campaign, which is full of controversies.

On Saturday, Biden caught the public’s attention by biting the fingers of his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, as she was delivering a speech.

On Sunday, he shared a story about children touching the hairs on his legs, which made listeners uncomfortable.

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