On Wednesday, July 15, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was skeptical and mistrusting of the current World Health Organization investigation in China into the origin of the CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I hope I’m wrong. I hope it’s a thorough investigation that gets fully to the bottom, but I’ve watched the Chinese Communist Party’s behavior with respect to that virus that emanated from Wuhan, and they have simply refused,” Pompeo said, according to the Washington Examiner.

In Pompeo’s view, WHO officials trying to track the virus in China would only be conducting a “completely whitewashed investigation” because of the nontransparent and covert way the health agency has handled the outbreak that originated in China and has earned it criticism from the United States as well as other nations.

Pompeo implied that in order to conduct a transparent and politically unbiased investigation it was necessary to designate the right people and not just the “right” agency.

He also took the opportunity to highlight how the authoritarian, expansionist, and imperialist actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were compromising freedom and democracy in the world.

In a letter issued on June 12, drafted by Republican legislators from the House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, the responsibility of the WHO, which is aligned with the CCP, was questioned, concluding that it had allowed the coverup of the outbreak in China.

According to the report, under Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO repeatedly echoed Party propaganda about its handling of the CCP Virus outbreak. The report, which urged the WHO director to resign, also noted how he had previously been accused of covering up other epidemics such as cholera in Africa.

Meanwhile, the latest WHO statement said the expert team would travel to China to identify the zoonotic source of the CCP Virus, suggesting that the pathogen had been transmitted by an animal, and ruled out a visit to the Wuhan virology laboratory.

“The mission objective is to advance the understanding of animal hosts for COVID-19 and ascertain how the disease jumped between animals and humans,” the WHO director-general said in the statement.

Authorities from the international health agency also offered little detail about the locations they hope to investigate and the people they plan to meet, which could indicate that the actions of the officials sent by the WHO would be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party at all times.

As The Independent indicated, the laboratory in Wuhan housed for almost a decade a sample of a pathogen that is 96.2 percent the same as COVID-19, which would have been considered an indication that it was the source of the virus.

According to Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, “To have any value, an investigation must address the possibility the virus entered humans through a laboratory accident,” saying that the WHO should investigate whether the virus’s ability to infect a person might have been enhanced in a laboratory.

Regarding the responsibility of the CCP for the pandemic, Mike Pompeo said, “They have destroyed samples; they’ve taken journalists and doctors who were prepared to talk about this and not permitted them to do what nations that want to play on a truly global scale and global stage ought to do: be transparent and open and communicate and cooperate.”

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