A white elementary school principal is filing her complaint against a Michigan school district for $5 million over racial discrimination allegation and a conspiracy to favor black administrators.

39-year-old Shannon Blick mentioned in her suit to U.S. District Court that she was hired as principal of Lawton Elementary School in Ann Arbor beginning in 2013, but was put on paid administrative leave in April of this year “because of her Caucasian race” and Assistant Principal Taneia Giles, who is black, wanted Blick’s job, mLive reported.

Dicken Elementary School Principal Mike Madison told Blick at a dinner party nine days before her leave was announced, according to the lawsuit, that the district was investigating her in connection with the alleged theft of $25,000 by a janitor at Lawton, for which she was being held responsible.

She was told on April 30 to submit a formal letter of resignation by June 30 if she wanted to stop any investigation into her knowledge of or failure to stop theft by the school janitor.

The district, her lawsuit claims, “has a history of harboring, and acting on, racial animus towards Caucasians and non-minority individuals.” She alleges officials employed by the department treat “Caucasian and non-minority administrators disparately and less favorably than similarly situated African-American and minority administrators, subjecting Caucasian and non-minority administrators to hostility and harassment in the workplace based on their race.”

The racial makeup of students in the district in fall 2017 was 51.8 percent white, 14.6 percent Asian, 14 percent black, 10.8 percent multi-ethnic and 8.5 percent Hispanic, according to the Ann Arbor News.

Blick has three children at the school and has been outlawed by the district from freely associating with their teachers and administrators, according to the lawsuit, which alleges the school district has infringed on her free-speech rights by prohibiting her from attending school-board meetings and speaking to other parents. Blick even says she was kept from attending her fifth-grade child’s graduation, according to mLive.

Blick’s lawyer, William Tishkoff said his office has been fielding media requests from “around the country” since Saturday and that his client “appreciates the tremendous support and thanks she is receiving since her lawsuit was filed.”

They said their client hopes her lawsuit will enable her to serve as principal again and get compensation for lost wages and distress. 

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