The giant telecommunications corporation, AT&T, launched a racial re-education campaign for its employees, according to which white people “are the problem.” 

The information emerges from documents obtained by reporter Christopher Rufo, who follows the imposition of the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) in U.S. companies and institutions, reports Daily Mail of Oct. 29. 

Rufo posted about the case via his Twitter account, referring to AT&T’s “Listen Understand Act” document, which contemplates the CRT principles of “intersectionality,” “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” and “white fragility.”

“SCOOP: AT&T Corporation has created a race re-education program with materials claiming that “racism is a uniquely white trait” and teaching employees: “White people, you are the problem,” Rufo began by writing. 

The program was imposed by AT&T CEO John Stankey, who tells white employees who are racist to confess their “white privilege” and acknowledge “systemic racism.”

Also, they must engage with the document’s contents, or else they will be penalized in their performance evaluations.

“As individuals, we can make a difference by doing our part to advance racial equity and justice for all,” Stankey wrote to his 230,000 employees in April.

He added, “We also encourage you to actively participate in our recently launched Equality First learning experience, a new initiative to increase awareness and action around our value to Stand for Equality,” according to Rufo. 

Likewise, employees are pressured to sign a loyalty pledge to “continue to drive change.” Also, to sign “intentions” such as “read more about systemic racism” and ‘challenging others’ language that is hateful. … If you don’t do it, you’re a racist,” a senior manager reportedly said, cites the Daily Mail. 

Additionally, the company publishes on an internal portal that “American racism is an exclusively white trait,” and that “black people can’t be racist.”

In practice, the program includes a 21-day indoctrination promoting leftist causes such as “reparations,” “defunding the police,” and “trans activism.”

It also instructs to “follow, quote, repost and retweet” organizations such as the Transgender Training Institute and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Many Americans have heavily criticized CRT, from parents to political leaders, and laws have been issued in some states to prevent further dissemination. 

For one Virginia mother, Xi Van Fleet, who survived Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution before emigrating to the United States, critical race theory is a tool of communism.

“To me, and to a lot of Chinese, it is heartbreaking that we escaped communism and now we experience communism here,” Van Fleet said

She asserted that Critical Race Theory “is in fact the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution,” also claiming that its origins are rooted in cultural Marxism.

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