The White House announced that it will no longer be renewing subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington Post, when President Donald Trump dismissed the two media outlets’ credibility, on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

President Trump appeared on the “Hannity” shown on Fox News on Monday, Oct. 21, and called The New York Times “a fake newspaper” and noted “We don’t even want it in the White House anymore,” adding, “We’re going to probably terminate that and The Washington Post.”

“Everybody thinks The New York Times treats me horribly. Washington Post also, but The New York Times even more so treats me unbelievably terribly,” the president said on the show, adding that, since elected, “I don’t think I’ve had a good story in The New York Times.”

Trump expressed disappointment in the “dishonest” way The New York Times covered him, which traces back to the year 2016 when it had begun.

“Every story is bad,” Trump said to a crowd gathered in Columbus, Ohio, in 2016. “Sometimes I’ll say, ‘Oh great, this was so good, I’m going to have a great story tomorrow in The New York Times. You know, they’ll call. Always turns out to be a disaster. It’s so dishonest.”

The president’s campaign designated a “Bias of the Day” award three years ago to The New York Times following Trump telling Sean Hannity that journalists “don’t know how to write good.”

“With many in the media continuing to do everything in their power to publish articles on their front pages while suppressing anti-Clinton stories, the Trump campaign is going to begin calling out biased and unfair coverage,” the 2016 email from Trump’s campaign read.

The Highlander’s Andy Li wrote extensively in a column about how mainstream media is becoming gradually more “biased, petty, and dishonest” since Trump has been elected president.

A survey conducted by Media Research Center found that about 75 percent of all journalists in the United States today are Democrats and liberal-leaning. Merely 9 percent of all journalists are Republicans and show sympathy toward conservative causes, according to the survey.

Li noted that the survey also found that more than 90 percent of the total media coverage on Trump to be “extremely hostile,” which justifies Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr.’s criticism of the media.

“There is not another single president in American history who has faced such uneven coverage from the media,” Li wrote. “It is therefore entirely fair for the Trump family to criticize the media for the manner in which they have treated him.”

Li also pointed out that The New York Times and The Washington Post had published false intelligence about supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, costing “over 5,000 American lives and millions of dead Iraqi civilians.”

“Just because the media has the freedom to publish does not mean it shouldn’t be held to basic standards,” Li warned. “Lying, cherry-picking, click-baiting, and misleading the audience doesn’t just damage the reputations of journalists—it cheapens political rhetoric and actually inspires political extremism.”

Li concluded by saying that journalists must “abide by a code of ethics, the most important quality of which is honesty,” and “until that changes, there isn’t a bright future for American journalism in the 21st century.”

“[Trump’s] anger isn’t completely unwarranted,” Li noted about the president’s frustration towards the media. “The bias against conservatives and right-of-center viewpoints isn’t anything new. And quite frankly, the biggest enemy of the media isn’t Trump—it’s themselves. They are the only people capable of rewriting their own reputation.”

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