White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked Wednesday, June 12, about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese communist regime’s intention to implement an extradition treaty with Hong Kong. The counselor responded by listing a range of concerns the United States and President Trump have regarding the Chinese regime.

“Well, the president said yesterday he looks forward to going to the G-20 and having a meeting with President Xi on any number of issues. Perhaps he’ll raise that. He certainly will keep talking about trade and he’ll keep talking about fentanyl, which is killing tens of thousands of people in this country every year. I refer to it as Chinese fentanyl.” said Conway.


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Conway also addressed trade and economic activities that are deemed unacceptable to President Trump and his administration. “And you know, the president said yesterday that he’s holding up the trade agreement with China because he needs to be satisfied that it benefits Americans and American workers and American interests; they stop stealing our intellectual property and our technology and that we don’t have this half a billion dollar trade deficit with … half a trillion dollar trade deficit with China every year. Makes no sense to this president.”

Protesters opposing communist China’s proposed extradition law with Hong Kong, on June 9, 2019. (Shutterstock)

The protests in Hong Kong have seen a million people out of Hong Kong’s 7 million population go to the streets to protest against the proposed extradition treaty. The protests have included tear gas, pepper spray, and plastic bullets, at least 22 injuries to protesters and clashes with police. A debate on the bill was canceled Wednesday when protesters swarmed the building where the debate was to take place.

Conway was asked about the White House’s position on the protests.

“I think the president, think you should ask the president that when you have a press avail today.  Obviously, we want people to live in peace and prosperity and we’re … pretty remarkable to see that many people taking to the street and when the president meets with President Xi, perhaps that will be raised. Certainly we’ll be talking about trade, fentanyl and a number of different issues but that certainly has caught our attention in the White House.” said Conway.

June 9, 2019: An elderly lady waves the British flag, on June 9, 2019, in support of Britain’s former rule of Hong Kong before Britain handed Hong Kong over to the Chinese regime in 1997. (Shutterstock)

The extradition treaty with the Chinese communist regime would mean that Hong Kong would be obligated to send people to China from Hong Kong if the Chinese regime claims that someone in Hong Kong has committed a crime against Chinese law and therefore must face justice at the hands of the communist regime.

Hong Kong riot police stand on guard against the unarmed protesters. Police would later use tear gas, pepper spray, and plastic bullets against them, causing at least 22 injuries. (Shutterstock)

Hong Kong was handed to the Chinese regime by Britain in 1997 after being under British rule since 1842. The handover agreement stated that there would be “one country, two systems,” meaning that the communist regime would not interfere in Hong Kong’s freedoms or laws for 50 years. Many Hong Kong citizens believe that the extradition treaty would belie that agreement and are concerned that the extradition treaty is another step toward decreasing Hong Kong’s freedoms and annexing Hong Kong under communist control.

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