True love can be measured in actions, not just words. Cole George is a husband who loves his wife unconditionally. And here’s what he does.

His wife Ashley is a nurse. She must take care of her patients, who are tired, hurt, and at times at the brink of death. So she tries to make them as comfortable as possible, as well as listening to them when she sits with them.

When coming home, with her endless work—a 16-hour shift, she is exhausted. Fortunately, Cole understands her work and supports her every way that he can.

He makes sure that the house is clean and that all the chores were done so she wouldn’t have to worry and can focus on her nursing with everything that she has.

He takes care of her emotional wellbeing, the house, and their four children.

Not only that, but he also listens to her and lets her vent. He even forgave her for wearing ‘the worst’ socks that he’s promised to burn in a ritualistic way.

And when Cole shared the story on Facebook, many people supported him because they felt that they resembled Ashley.

That’s real and unconditional love.

You can read the sweet tribute that Cole gave to his nurse wife below: