Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley was shopping for a jersey on Saturday, Aug. 3, when a child came into the El Paso, Texas, store and said there was a shooter at the nearby Walmart, CNN reported.

Oakley said they didn’t pay attention because there was nobody in the store, even he understood what the child was talking about.

That was when things went wrong.

A group of people started screaming and running around, Oakley said, “I just heard two gunshots.”

Oakley planned to go with others who ran toward the gunshots as mayhem erupted for the next 5 to 7 minutes.

He said he saw a whole bunch of children running around without parents. So, the only thing Oakley thought of was picking up as many children as possible.

He and another man began corralling children. There were about 13 children, Oakley said, but he could only carry three.

“They are kids, so they don’t understand what is going on,” he said the children were anxious when they were in his arms, but he trying to keep them as tight as possible and ran as fast as he could.

Once he saw the police, Oakley said that he let the children go and pulled out his phone in case they were going to shoot him and started recording while he was running.

Oakley said he wasn’t really concerned for his safety, rather getting the children out of harm’s way.

“It hurts me,” Oakley said he even knew the people who died or the children he took with him.

He said understanding it was heroic, but the media should focus on the world and the Ohio shooting.

“The focus should not be on me,” Oakley said he did what he was supposed to do and that’s what the Army has taught him to do.

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