On July 25, 2019, according to WABC-TV, officials for the New York county of Rockland, just north of Manhattan, announced with the usual vaccination hyperbole that they believe the worst of the measles outbreak might be over and that the hypodermic needle wielding government mandated medical staff has quelled, worst of all, the uncertainty and fear in our community. County Executive Ed Day whips up his version of recent history highlighting the heavy hand of government as both the hero to the rescue and the enforcer, who by the authority of the health commissioners’ order will apply the law to all dissenting citizens and their children.

Day said, “Much of what we predicted in March has come to pass: Increasing cases of measles, continued public exposures, and worst of all, uncertainty and fear in our community. On that day in March, we had 153 confirmed cases of measles. Today we have 283. The number of cases per month has decreased by 29% in May, 63% in June, and 42% to date, this month of July.”

And Day said, “While the state of emergency is no longer in effect and the outbreak has waned and under control, our vigilance will not be compromised or slowed in any way. We will keep our foot in the pedal and our eyes on the road ahead. With the authority of the health commissioners’ order—which we’ll be continuing –and the new legislation allowing for medical exemptions only for school entry vaccinations, we will be inspecting all schools to ensure strict compliance. Let me be very direct and very clear: We will not allow this disease to again take root in our county — whether it be due to administrative failures, an attitude that the law does not apply to all or some misguided sense that the world revolves around you to the director mentioned at detriment of all.”

I’m Matt Tullar and here’s my opinion. I don’t like totalitarian government that treads on people’s rights and forces them to comply with mandates they doubt or flat out disagree with. Remember, it supposed to be a free country where the U.S. Constitution limits government by granting citizens rights that are defined by words like “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


In general, I advocate for a much smaller government with much less taxation of the public to limit the damage done by our socialist government bureaucrats and elected politicians. I am a strong advocate for free market capitalism that would like to see us both allow anyone who wants to buy vaccinations for their children to do so and at the same time, kick government out education completely or at least destroy the education establishment’s monopoly and their penchant for polluting our citizens with socialism, the phony value of government and the denigration of capitalism.

However, I am also aware of crony capitalism or the economic system characterized by close, mutually advantageous relationships between business leaders and government officials. In this case, we are talking about officials that want to keep their jobs and increase their power in their relationships with the gigantic multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, commonly referred to as “Big Pharm,” that can afford a well paid lobby on all levels of government including the county level, to strongly advocate for legislation, emergency orders, and other scare tactics to mandate the use and purchase of their vaccination products.

They are among the slickest most skilled best funded salespeople in all of history with an intense focus on getting their way and especially adept at using the fear of bad things will happen to your children if we don’t do what they say. Their well-funded propaganda machine provides government officials with all kinds of useful tools and incentives plastered all over the Internet like statistics of vaccination effectiveness, testimonials of parents with either vaccinated children living happily ever after or unvaccinated children dying horrible death or somehow contributing to massive disease outbreaks and so on.

So here’s the David versus Goliath picture I’m trying to paint. On one side of the situation, you have a massively well-funded and super skilled bunch of serious career professionals who stand to gain a great deal by securing their positions, increasing their power and influence and padding their bank accounts all by whipping up the public fear factor versus those with virtually no organized money who simply understand that because they have doubts about the scary propaganda, may have contrary mandates from their divine creator, and are disgusted by the idea of allowing any government body to strong arm or mandate attacking their children with needles is a violation of their responsibility to both protect their children and stand up for their rights and the rights of all free citizens of America.

Most of them will naturally agree, if you have faith in the proposed safety and promises of disease protections of vaccination products, then by all means, go ahead, buy them, stick them in your children and enjoy the protection from the disease that you think you have purchased in a free market. But, please allow the rest of us our right to doubt the well funded propaganda, to protect our children as we see fit and to exercise our rights as free American citizens. Its also interesting to note that in light of widespread objection to the mandated vaccinations, how difficult it is to find anti-vaxx information at least with a google search.

Soon after my own daughter was born in 2000, her mother was reading Peggy O’Mara, the publisher and editor of Mothering Magazine, and her opinions about vaccinating children. Remembering my own elementary school vaccination experiences of children crying and screaming, I understood where my strong dislike of needles came from and had a natural tendency to spare my child this discomfort, if possible, balanced with a strong desire to be a well-informed parent providing my child the best.

O’Mara wrote about information that was pro as well as anti vaccination, and for me quoting scientists from the late 1950s and early 1960s when mandated vaccination was just coming into widespread application in America was powerful. I remember one scientist said something like “If these childhood diseases continue to decline at the current rate, no one will be able to effectively prove that vaccinations were really effective at all in combatting many of these diseases.”

In February 2019, O’Mara wrote the following in her article titled “Measles Reality Check.” “Many parents today are more concerned about the risks of chronic or long-developing disease than the risks of rare acute or suddenly severe diseases. In the United States, one in 13 children (8%) have food allergies and tree nut allergies among children tripled between 1997 and 2008. Autism has spiked 1,500% in the last 20 years: one in 88 children is on the spectrum: 825,000 in the United States, 89,000 in Canada, and 131,000 in the UK.

Parents are not only concerned about the unexplained increase in chronic disease, but specifically about the possibility that vaccines may have contributed to this increase. While an association between the MMR or measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism has been continually debunked by the media, the evidence suggests otherwise. African American parents have reason to be especially concerned, as a CDC whistleblower came forward in August 2014 to question the results of a 2004 study.

My name is William Thompson. I am a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data was collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed,” Thomson said.

Parents also worry because of MMR damage claims that have been awarded. In a 2013 landmark decision, Sadid and Parivash Mojabi of San Jose, California, were awarded almost $1 million in compensation for a severe and debilitating brain injury that their son, Ryan, suffered after administration of the MMR vaccine. In 2012, the Italian court ruled that a child “has been damaged by irreversible complications due to a MMR vaccination and ordered the Ministry of Health to compensate the child with a 15-year annuity and to reimburse the parents for court costs.”

In an online advertisement that reads, discover the never-before-revealed facts about vaccine safety in the groundbreaking series “The Truth About Vaccines,” Daniel Murphy left the following comment. “I find it hard to think coherently at the moment. This information has truly stunned me and has shaken my beliefs to the core. Our CDC and FDA, are little more than walls of protection for hideously greed-driven pharmaceutical corporations. This series is expertly researched and produced with perhaps the most rare of human elements: morality and truth. As a man at age 60, little that happens these days brings tears to my eyes anymore. However, the information contained in this enormously important series, caused me to sob for my country, and my fellow man. God Bless.”

According to a TMC News article dated January 2017, a representative for President Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday that the president recently met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vocal vaccine skeptic. The news prompted many in the scientific community, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians, to reiterate the evidence that vaccines protect public health, prevent illnesses, and do not cause autism.

Dr. Peter Hotez spoke to a reporter who asked ‘Hotez, “In light of yesterday’s news about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s meeting with President-Elect Trump regarding vaccine safety, what are the consequences of the anti-vaccination movement? And Hotez replied, “The anti-vaccination movement has been around for quite a while, but it’s taken on a new character in the last couple of years. First of all, it’s regrouped in Texas in particular: There’s been the creation of a new political action committee called Texans for Vaccine Choice, which raises money for legislators to run on anti-vaxxer platforms; and Andrew Wakefield, the outspoken director of “Vaxxed,” which is a pseudoscience conspiracy documentary, has moved to Austin, Texas.

And then Hotez said, “What we have now is an effort to promote nonmedical exemptions so parents can opt their kids out of getting vaccinated for school entry. And what we’ve seen, and I’ve just published this in the Public Library of Science’s journal, PLOS Medicine, is that Texas is up to 50,000 kids now that are not getting vaccinated, and the actual number could be much higher. … What seems to have happened is that this neo anti-vaxxer movement in Texas is going national, because one of the most outspoken anti-vaxxers is Bobby Kennedy Jr., who has compared vaccines to the Holocaust. He is now working with the president-elect to look at the possibility of creating some type of national commission. The reason I get involved is because I make vaccines; I’m the head of the Sabin Vaccine Institute & Texas Children’s Hospital’s Center for Vaccine Development and the National School of Tropical Medicine here at Baylor College of Medicine.”

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