The fact that U.S. vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris is not available to the media gives the impression of insecurity.

” … It’s bad for our system of governance (especially during COVID (CCP Virus)) and has a foul stench of insecurity,” said Daily Beast reporter Sam Stein.

Stein tweet was responding to a Twitter message from NBC News reporter Deepa Shivaram, who alerted to Harris’ worrisome situation.

“A reminder that it has been 42 days since Harris was tapped as the VP pick. There are 42 days until election day,” she noted.

Shivaram added: “The senator has not once formally taken questions from the press.”

The few times that Harris has briefly responded to reporters’ questions or other media that are friendly to her have not been enough even for her follower Shivaram; Fox News said Sept. 23.

Harris’ press behavior seems to be far from what is expected for the vice-presidential hopeful.

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl agrees. “A vice-presidential candidate should answer questions regularly,” Karl wrote.

Indeed, Harris’s reticence gives rise to many conjectures and assumptions, one proposed by Fox News journalist Brian Flood when he asks: “What are they afraid of?”

Several items on the agenda of the Biden-Harris campaign have caused controversy among voters, among them the strong drift toward the radical left that now characterizes the Democratic Party.

As an expression of this trend, Harris has gone so far as to congratulate the Black Lives Matter movement members who are leading the riots that have caused death and property destruction in many U.S. cities for months.

On the other hand, it seems that the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has not been very successful in his meetings with the press because of his frequent confusion and bloopers, which make one fear for his state of mind.

Biden’s situation with the press has reached the point where friendly journalists ask him questions that in the concept of President Donald Trump are formulated as for a child.

According to a tweet from journalist Aaron Rupar, the fact that Harris has not been available to the press has led Fox News to prepare a special event to consider this situation.


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